Modernise your back-office operations

With LeoTeams companies can easily hire and.|build smart and skilled remote teams.| no matter what skills, experience and domain expertise you are looking for.|
our smart talent Leos will help you build and scale skilled Remote Teams. 
We are LeoTeams!.


Our Services

Finance & Accounting Services

LeoTeams has over 20+ years of experience in providing back-office solutions to its clients in US through various engagement models and has helped businesses streamline and efficiently manage their processes, enabling them to focus on their core business and improve its business performance and profitability. We help our clients in bringing down their operating expenses significantly.  
Through our Modern Back Office delivery model, we provide seamless, scalable and sustainable finance & accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses across the US.  
Our offerings help our clients to be efficient, profitable and optimize the overall F&A process and transaction time and enable them to be better positioned to achieve their core business objective and also reduce their operations cost significantly.  
A few challenges which you can easily overcome by outsourcing F&A services from LeoTeams are: 

  • Hiring the best talent at a low price 

  • Filing tax returns on time 

  • Managing cash flow efficiently 

  • Processing invoices faster 

  • Capturing transactions regularly 

Workforce Solutions 



Acquire the best talent, improve candidate flow and reduce your recruiting operations costs by leveraging our SmartRecruit team of experienced recruiters when, how and for as long as you need them. With flexible and multiple pricing options our on-demand recruiters bring specialized expertise in filling hard-to-fill or niche roles and can scale up or down depending on your hiring needs.  
LeoTeams has reimagined how companies scale recruiting capacity, providing them with on-demand experienced & expert recruiters  


Recruiter on demand

Human Touch is required along with technology in candidate Driven Market 
Our RPO Team understands difficulties in today’s market and excel in minimizing time to hire and unnecessary associated cost, giving verifiable metrics and enhancing the resource quality. 

What we do?

Why LeoTeams

LeoTeams offers solutions which are designed to help Staffing and Accounting firms in the most flexible and scalable manner. We are technology agile and our expert team will integrate smart processes and methodologies with your existing systems and tools to optimize and deliver a seamless, scalable, sustainable and cost-effective “modern” back-office solution

Focus on Quality  

Our focus is always on Quality Delivery. Through our effective governance, we ensure the quality of delivery, each time. Every time. 

Flexible Engagement Models 

Our engagement model is flexible and customizable to meet your need. We work on a “try&buy” approach to begin with and our modern back-office solutions are flexible to scale up and down as per your business needs. 

Global Delivery 

Our team works round the clock. Every solution of ours is completely customizable as per your need to meet time zone demand, We’re available 24×7.

Save Cost!

We guarantee you an average of 40% cost savings in comparison to your current onsite team cost.